The most popular questions we get asked.. in a few easy steps!


During the wedding consultations we often get asked some very important questions. We have detailed a few here to give you a head start! But this is not an extensive list, you are free to ask us anything you want.

Where are you based?

We are based in Wigan, covering all of the UK and abroad. Especially the Lancashire and Northwest areas which is included of travel. Certain areas of the UK will look to have a small milage fee included.



Travel will be included in your package price for weddings in North West of England.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. we have public liability insurance to 5 million, professional indemnity instance and kit cover. And can provide a copy to your venue if they request this.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. This is 20% to secure your day. This is non refundable and will mean the day is fully yours.


Do we have any paperwork to fill in?

Yes, although only a small amount. It is important that the agreement is signed, as this can be a long relationship with some couples booking more than 2 years in advance. This contract informs all parties what is expected of each other as well goes into editing, delivery etc. You will also have a booking form with all the important details ‘we’ would need to know for the day, this would be ‘our’ go-to document. These are provided via e-sign for a simple process. No printing required!

I wish to tweak my package, is this possible?

Of course. All packages are a guide and we can add or take away items as required and ‘we’ can provide you with a tailor made quote.


Are we able to pay the amount in instalments?

Yes, this is completely fine. We can discuss payment terms and decide the best steps forward. Noted down on your account and invoiced when you need them.


When will we receive our images?

Depending on the time of year, this can take between 3-6 weeks for your USB, but ideally this is delivered beforehand. Albums are around 4 weeks from design.


How many images do we get?

This depends on the package you have. But it is normally anywhere between 400-700 images.


Do we get the RAW images?

No. We do not provide any un-edited images. Like most photographers, we do not send out any work that is un-finished. As you are hiring us for our style. This is half how we photograph and half how we edit.


Whats next?

Drop us an email and we can book you in to shoot your dream day.